The Power of Good Tweezers: A Long Nailed Lash Artist's Perspective

As a lash artist, my hands are very important to me, and I like to make them look pretty. I'm sure if you've been to my salon, you've seen my claws come at your eyes to put the under-eye pads on (side note: I have never poked anyone yet). I just refuse to get rid of them or shorten them... I have tried, once, and it was awful. I have to tell you, they were short for maybe a day before I went and formed them to add length (I used to do nails, and still do my own) as they were still fresh and were not coming off, but the short life is not for me.

I digress. So I am always trying to find the perfect tweezers to accommodate these pretty nails and your pretty face.

My legitimate tweezer journey started with my LashBoxLA tweezers when I first started out and was thinking, "Do I really need to put that much money into a tweezer?" Uh, yes! Those little back alley cheap tweezers do not cut it. Some new lash artists may believe that all tweezers are created equal and that they can get away with using cheap or low-quality tweezers for their lash extension work. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Cheap tweezers often lack the precision and control needed to create clean and precise lash extensions. I need to be able to pick up as many as TWENTY singular lashes, all at once, without a hitch because I'm dropping money if I can't use the fans. When I’m buying a good pair of tweezers, I want to know that they have been hand-picked and tested, and there will be no need to even question the quality.

Satin Gold M Narrow

I originally started with the 'J plus volume tweezers for my fans, but after doing some research, I changed and now use them as my isolation tweezers. I moved up to the 'Satin Gold M Narrow Tweezer.' The M narrow tweezers are really good if you hold your tweezers like a pen, as it has a large dip on the underside. I was holding my tweezers like that (I thought), but I started to get a callus on my middle finger, and I realized that maybe this grip wasn't cutting it.

What did I do? I changed what wasn't working for me and started to hold the tweezers differently. Now, I thought that because of the way the Narrow Tweezers are made, it wouldn't work out for me anymore, but now they are my go-to tweezers. I still grip them, and I find I have so much more power and flexibility with them now that I'm holding them differently.

I would definitely recommend LashBox tweezers. I have two isolation tweezers, one straight for the inner corners, and one curved for the middle of the sets where it gets a bit overcrowded sometimes, especially in volume sets, and one volume tweezer, and none have let me down yet.

Investing in good products is investing in yourself and your business. Remember that your clients come to you for the best, and that means using the best tools for the job. So, don't be afraid to invest in quality tweezers that will make your job easier and produce stunning results.

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